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How American Painting Company Paints An Exterior

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4 Steps To A Beautiful Exterior Paint Job:Power Washing preperation

  1. Preparation
    • Environmentally-friendly detergent or bleach is used to remove dirt & mildew as required
    • Delicate areas are hand-washed
    • Loose paint chips are cleaned up
    • House is given time to dry
    • Driveways & decks cleaned upon request
    • Full scrape to remove all loose and peeling paint
    • All bare areas are primed
    • Glossy areas are scuff-sanded to ensure that finish coat bonds strongly
    • Feather-sanding done upon request
    • Cracked, loose and missing caulking around doors and windows will be replaced
  2. Painting
    • Drop cloths are used at all times to prevent any drips or spills
    • Full finish coat(s) applied by Brush and/or Rollers to ensure proper coverage & finish
    • Second coat is available upon request or when specified by the contract
    • Premium Paint such as Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, California and Cabot's Stains
  3. Clean Up
    • Performed daily and upon completion of the job
    • Plant beds cleaned and paint chips removed
    • Touch-up paint is labeled & left with the customer
    • Outdoor fixtures & furniture left as we found them
  4. Inspection
    • First the crew will do a final inspection on their own to ensure that all work is complete as agreed on the contract, that there are not any touch ups and that all cleanup is complete
    • Second the crew will ask the customer to inspect the job and any areas of concern will be noted on a 'punch list'
    • Once all areas are complete and to the customers satisfaction, the crew will ask to have the 'Job Rating Card' completed in addition to requesting an honest letter of reference
    • The crew will receive a bonus assuming that they receive a 5/5 rating and a positive letter of reference from the customer
    • The final step is for the customer to sign off on the job as to its completeness and submit the final payment

The end result? Our customers do not release the final payment until the job is complete as promised

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